French Fries-and-Kratom

Equipment test. Shooting with Canon T3i Rebel and Canon 5D.

Performers: Melanie Dahling and Adam Jennings
Cameras: Rodrigo Riedel and Dave Twigg
Music: Greencarpetedstairs
Director: Dave Twigg
What do you think? I hope that you like it. We were all talking while getting this done and at some point the topic of health supplements came up. And then one of us mentions that he takes these so called kratom pills. So I asked, what’s kratom? He told me what it was about and how beneficial it can be for someone, and I really liked his description of it. It seemed pretty safe and I had already been having a few issues of feeling low energy, mostly due to a bit of a case of insomnia. I ordered kratom from this site called and after it arrived, I read up on the instructions and started taking it regularly. To be perfectly honest, I simply never looked back. I’ve been taking kratom ever since. If you think it may sound right for you go ahead and check out there website that is always update with the help of the professionals from It worked for a few of us here so I figured I would pass it along.
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